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Replacement Car

If you need a replacement car we are happy to help arrange a low cost replacement.

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On the Road Again Payment Plan


If immediate repairs are needed on your transmission but money is short it's no problem!

AALL TECH Transmission provides a payment plan that allows you to get the work done immediately and have the cost of the repairs spread out over a period of time.

We also provide "FREE LOCAL TOWING" for your car to our locations.

For information about transmissions, a transmission problem or transmission failure you can book online for a free consultation. To book an appointment please use our online contact form. We may be able to assist in automobile repair using Electronic Diagnostics.

AALLTECH transmission service and repair specialists

Full service transmission and drive line performance shops, specializing in complete repairs to most any kind of automatic and standard transmission.

Quality transmission repairs supported by nationwide warranties - high quality guaranteed parts - Transmission Service, repair and maintenance - serving Vancouver, Surrey, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, White Rock, Seattle, Burnaby, Richmond, Langley, Delta, Port Moody, Nanaimo and Coquitlam.

Free Diagnostic Road Test

How much does it cost to fix a transmission problem?

What appears to be a major problem may only be a minor repair.

«eco» program

AALL TECH is part of the YellowPages «eco» program. A «eco» certified company is one whose products, services or corporate practice stand out in terms of environmental commitment. AALL TECH was identified through a rigorous selection process built in partnership with TerraChoice, a leading environmental firm and manager of the EcoLogoM program - Canada’s standard for environmental excellence.

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